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  • ABB PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 Advant Controller 411 Processor Module
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  • ABB PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 Advant Controller 411 Processor Module

    ABB PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 Advant Controller 411 Processor Module

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ABB PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 Advant Controller 411 Processor Module

ABB PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 Advant Controller 411 Processor Module


PM511V is a processor module for Advant Controller 450. It is designed to fitinto RF533 series controller subracks.

The Motorola 68040 processor is a 32-bit virtual memory microprocessor withan integrated floating point unit and with dual independent instruction and datademand paged memory management units (MMUs). It also has two separate4 kbyte caches, one for data and one for instructions.

The dynamic RAM memory is organized as a 64-bit memory with an 8-bitcyclic redundancy check sum.

The module has a Futurebus+ type interface with 32-bit address/data linessupporting compelled transfers.

Distributed arbitration is used.Arbitration messages are supported.

To support a configuration with two redundant processor modules with onerunning in backup mode, PM511V is equipped with logic that transfers a copyof all writes in the primary processor to the backup processor, thereby keepinga complete updated copy of the primary processor's memory in the backup pro-cessor. This makes it possible for the backup processor to resume the

operation directly in the event of a failing primary processor.

The module has an interface to the S100 IO extension bus which makes it possibleto connect it to the bus extension board DSBC 174 or DSBC 176 in a S100 EO rack.The PCMCIA slot accepts flash memory cards for system software.

The module front has LED indicators for status information, a start mode selectorswitch and an ENTER push button to manually initialize the controller

You can find the operation description of these facilities in this manual.

A label on module side gives the full identification and information of actualmemory size.Available versions are designated PM511V08 or PM511V16.

ABB PM511V08 3BSE011180R1 Advant Controller 411 Processor Module

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