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  • 1746-N2 module Rockwell
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  • 1746-N2 module Rockwell

    1746-N2 module Rockwell 

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1746-N2 module Rockwell 

1746-N2 module Rockwell

Follow these steps to install the module: ATTENTION: Never install, remove, or wire modules with power applied to chassis. IMPORTANT The first slot of the chassis is reserved for the processor or the 1747-ASB module. Slot 1 A B D C Max 2 mm2 (14 AWG) Max 2 wires per terminal Max torque: 0.9 Nm (8 lb-in.) 1. Disconnect power. 2. Align the circuit board of module with the chassis card guide. (A) 3. Slide the module into the chassis until the bottom tabs lock into place. (B) 4. Route the wires down and away from the module, securing them with the wire tie. (C) 5. Cover all unused slots with Card Slot Filler, catalog number 1746-N2, to keep the chassis free from debris. 6. To remove the module, press and hold the module release located on each self-locking tab, and slide the module out of the chassis slot. (D)

The following modules are North American Hazardous Location approved: 1746-IA4, 1746-IA8, 1746-IA16, 1746-IB8, 1746-IB16, 1746-IC16, 1746-IG16, 1746-IH16, 1746-IM4, 1746-IM8, 1746-IM16, 1746-IN16, 1746-ITB16, 1746-ITV16, 1746-IV8, 1746-IV16, 1746-OA8, 1746-OA16, 1746-OAP12, 1746-OB8, 1746-OB6EI, 1746-OB16, 1746-OB16E, 1746-OBP8, 1746-OBP16, 1746-OG16, 1746-OV8, 1746-OV16, 1746-OVP16, 1746-OW4, 1746-OW8, 1746-OW16, 1746-OX8, 1746-IO4, 1746-IO8, 1746-IO12, 1746-IO12DC

1747-ACN15 Module Rockwell SLC ControlNet Adapter

1747-ACNR15 Module Rockwell SLC ControlNet Redundancy Adapter

1747-AENTR Module Rockwell SLC 500 Ethernet Adapter

1747-AIC Module Rockwell SLC Coupler

1747-ASB Module Rockwell SLC Combined Module

1747-BSN Module Rockwell SLC Backup Scan

1747-DCM Module Rockwell SLC Direct Communication

1747-DEMO-7 Module Rockwell SLC Demo Kit

1747-FC Module Rockwell SLC Ferrite Collar

1747-INTWINBAS Module Rockwell **Not Orderable Base Module**

1747-KE Module Rockwell SLC Communication Interface

1747-KFC15 Module Rockwell SLC Interface Module

1747-KY1 Module Rockwell SLC Processors Replacement Keys

1747-L511 Module Rockwell CPU Controller

1747-L514 Module Rockwell CPU Controller

1747-L524 Module Rockwell CPU Controller

1747-L531 Module Rockwell CPU Controller

1747-L532 Module Rockwell CPU Controller

1747-L533 Module Rockwell CPU Controller

1747-L541 Module Rockwell CPU Controller

1747-L542 Module Rockwell CPU Controller

1747-L543 Module Rockwell CPU Controller

1747-L551 Module Rockwell SLC Central Controller

1747-L552 Module Rockwell SLC Central Controller

1747-L553 Module Rockwell SLC Central Controller

1747-L553P Module Rockwell PRO-SET 200 Central Controller

1747-M1 Module Rockwell SLC Storage Unit

1747-M13 Module Rockwell SLC Storage Unit

1747-M15 Module Rockwell SLC Storage Unit Adaptor

1747-M2 Module Rockwell SLC Storage Unit

1747-M3 Module SVC Module Storage Unit

1747-SDN Module Rockwell SLC DeviceNet Scanner Module

1747-SN Module Rockwell SLC Remote 1/O Scan

1747-UIC Module Rockwell USB to DH-485 Download Cable

1747-UICC13 Module Rockwell SLC Cable

1747-WINBAS module SOF module SLC 500 base module

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