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  • ABB 5SHY35L4510 3BHE014105R0001 IGCT unit
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  • ABB 5SHY35L4510 3BHE014105R0001 IGCT unit

    ABB 5SHY35L4510 3BHE014105R0001 IGCT unit

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ABB 5SHY35L4510 3BHE014105R0001 IGCT unit

ABB 5SHY35L4510 3BHE014105R0001 IGCT unit

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==============manual data================

ABB 1TGE120021R0010 Fieldbus unit module

ABB 1TGE120021R0110 Fieldbus unit module

Motor and feeder control unit for ABB 1TGE121011R1200 MNS iS

ABB 1VCR000993G000X

Rosemount 2088G2S22D1B4M5HR5 Pressure Transmitter

ABB 216AB61 REG216 Generator Protector Accessory Module

ABB 216DB61 HESG324063R100 REG216 generator protector accessory module

ABB 216EA61b REG216 generator protector accessory module

ABB 216EA62 REG216 generator protector accessory module

ABB 216EA62 1MRB150083R1/F 1MRB178066R1/F REG216 generator protection digital control unit

ABB 216GD61a HESG324436R3/A HESG324428 REG216 generator protection digital control unit

ABB 216NG62A HESG441634R1/K HESG216876 REG216 generator protection digital control unit

ABB 216NG63A HESG441635R1 HESG216877/K REG216 generator protection controller logic card

ABB 216VC62A REG216 generator protector accessory 

=========== Related other products ============

ABB FF HSE communication module


5SHX06F6004 3BHB003387R0101 5SXE05-0151 3BHB003151P104

ABB ATX133, 3ASC25H219


05701-A-0550 Click to consult advantage goods

HONEYWELL TC-KIOL05 spare parts


VMIVME-5530S Module module The PLC/DCS spare part module


ABB PP815 PP815,3.5 "touch screen,TFT 320x280 pixels, picture and characters, color 3BSE042239R1


GE 44A730240-G01


GE   IC752SPL013


ABB PPD113B03-26-100110

ABB PDD205A1121

5V1022.00-2 B&R BR servo system




ABB order number 3BSE008799R1 Type CI627


ABB DI802   120VAC 1*8ch

GE IC693ALG392




============ Industry information ==============

Contact material: original raw material (updated new material)

Limit voltage: original commissioning

Limit current: set by the original factory

Switching power supply: brand original factory

Initial contact resistance: no points (multi-channel), different limits.

Contact connection time: subject to manufacturer's experiment setting

Maximum bounce time: Read the manual

Dielectric strength: flexibility

Surge voltage: shall not exceed the limit voltage

Service life: 0-10 years (service life varies without use environment)

Minimum operation at rated current


Temperature : 0 ~ +55°C, working

-20 to +85°C, stored

Humidity: The relative humidity ranges from 20 to 80% without condensation

Cooling: Forced air convection, natural air

Size: Original factory setting size (cm)

Output connector: external or internal

DIN Connector: External or internal

Power requirements: Original power supply preferred, other brands selected according to technology.

 Our business sales: DCS system, industrial network communication module, large servo control motherboard, high pressure control motherboard, man-machine interface touch screen, a full set of tension sensing system, protection of the main control system, laser generator, instruments and meters. Mainly used in large cement, petroleum, mining, steel, shipbuilding and other industries.

========== Related Notes =============

1, the sale of products need professionals to use,

2. Warning notices are used to emphasize that hazardous voltages, currents, temperatures, or other conditions that may cause personal injury exist in or may be associated with the use of this equipment.

3. Without taking care that may result in personal injury or damage

Device, use warning notifications.


The information contained herein is not intended to cover all details or variations of manufacturer's hardware or software, nor does it provide every possible accident related to installation, operation or maintenance. The feature can be described here

Not all hardware and software systems have it. The Company assumes no obligation to notify holders of this document of subsequent changes.

The Company makes no representation or warranty, express, implied or statutory, with respect to, and assumes no responsibility for, the accuracy, completeness, adequacy or use of the information contained in this document. There is no guarantee of marketability or fitness

The purpose shall apply.

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