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  • ABB module TC625 AF100 3BSE002224R1
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  • ABB module TC625 AF100 3BSE002224R1



    ABB modem module TC625 AF100 3BSE002224R1

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ABB modem module TC625 AF100 3BSE002224R1

ABB module TC625 AF100 3BSE002224R1

Advant Controller 450 is a large controller for mixed binary, regulatory and supervisory control.

It can be used standing alone, or as an integrated controller in a distributed control system,

communicating with other Advant OCS equipment

• Guidelines on how you can find information in this manual.

• This manual’s relationship to other Advant Controller 450 documents.

• A glossary defining terms frequently used in this manual.

• A product and functional overview. Read this to get an idea of what

the Advant Controller 450 can do and how it works.

I/O is the central process interface for Advant

Controller 400 series process controllers. Thanks to

built-in cablemarshalling facilities and parallel

communication with the host controller, it is the

right choice for centralized I/O systems and

high-speed applications.

The range of process I/O modules is complete,

consisting of general purpose digital and analog

inputs and outputs and special interfaces for special

tasks. These specials include pulse counting,

frequency measuring, positioning, motor speed

control and communication with other controllers.

All I/O modules provide simple interfacing, accurate -

yet fast - control, and easy integration of individual

loops into a comprehensive plant-wide control

and supervision system.

The interface modules connect to the process

through screw terminals on connection units

normally installed inside, at the back of the cabinet.

This solution keeps noise and destructive voltage

spikes away from the central electronics and

provides a neat and tidy process interface that is

easy to maintain.

Analog inputs

±10 V/±20 mA

• 16 ch., differential, 12 bits + sign resolution, CMV ≤ 50 V,

CMRR > 100 dB (at 50 Hz), (DSAI 130A)

0…+10 V/0…+20 mA

• 32 ch. (DSAI 133A1), single-ended, 12 bits resolution


• 31 measuring + 1 reference ch., Pt100, 3-wire, 12 bits + sign

resolution, (DSAI 146)


• 14 measuring, 2 reference + 1 compensation ch., measuring

ranges B, C, E, J, K, R, S and T with grounded or floating output

signals, 12/13 bits + sign resolution, CMV ≤ 16 V,

CMRR > 100 dB (at 50 Hz), (DSAI 155A)

Analog outputs

±10 V/±20 mA

• 8 ch., 12 bits + sign resolution, galvanically isolated, (DSAO 120A)

0…20 mA

• 16 ch., 12 bits resolution, (DSAO 130A)

Analog inputs/outputs

0…+10 V/0…+20 mA

• 8 input ch., single-ended, 12 bits resolution;

• 8 output ch., 12 bits resolution (DSAX 110A)


Central unit PM 632

Central unit PM 633

Central unit PM 634

Coaxial cable, CI626V01, or similar

for twisted pair line, CI627 max. 2

MasterFieldbus interface, master, CI671 max. 4

MasterFieldbus interface, slave, CI670 max. 4

Interface module carrier SC6102 max. 1

– RCOM/RCOM+ interface, CI532V01, 2-channel5 max. 2

– MODBUS interface, CI532V02, 2-channel5 max. 2

– Siemens interface, CI532V03, 2-channel5 max. 2

32 channels, individual inputs, resolution 12 bits (AI610)

– 16 channels, electrically isolated in groups, resolution 12 bits,

CMV=50V, CMRR>100dB (AI625)


– 16 channels, differential inputs, resolution 12 bits, CMV=100V,

CMRR>80dB (at 16, 33, 50 or 60 Hz) (AI620)

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