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YOKOGAWA PLC-система для всей серии модулей ввода/вывода
Source:GE | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2024-01-02 | 344 Views | Share:
GE F650 Digital Bay Controller

GENERAL This document describes about I/O Modules with Built-in Barrier (for FIO) which can be installed in Zone 2 or Division 2 and connected to devices located in Zone 0, 1, or Division 1. These modules have galvanic isolation between the field interface and systems but they do not have isolation between channels. These modules comply with ISA S71.04 class G3, and they can be located in the ambient temperature of -20 to 70 °C. When connecting these modules to the intrinsically safe circuit, refer to documents “Explosion Protection” (TI 33Q01J30-01E) and “Explosion Protection of FIO Products” (IM 33K01J30-50E) for ATEX approval along with this General Specifications (GS). Follow the EC-type Examination Certificate or FM certification for details of the rules and regulations of installing these modules in the intrinsically safe environment. It is especially important to follow the “Special Conditions” stated in these certificates. In case these I/O modules with built-in barriers are to comply with FM approval (FM3610), install them on the following field control units (FCU) or ESB bus node units equipped with power supply modules of PW481-11, PW482-11, or PW484-11. Field Control Units: AFV30D-S4111, AFV30S-S3111, AFV30S-S4111 ESB Bus Node Units: ANB10D-41, ANB10S-31, ANB10S-41 ANB10D-43, ANB10S-33 , ANB10S-43 Optical ESB Bus Node Unit: ANB11D-23, ANB11D-43 ANB11S-13, ANB11S-23, ANB11S-33, ANB11S-43

  • ABB 07BR61R1 GJV3074376R1 I/O Coupler Module
  • ABB 07AC91D GJR5252300R0101 UNIT
  • ABB 0745745Q Control logic board
  • ABB 0745648E Control logic board
  • ABB 0504994880 Controller unit