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YOKOGAWA Models AFV40S AFV40D Field Control Unit
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YOKOGAWA Models AFV40S AFV40D Field Control Unit

l Memory Protection During Power Failure 


Battery Backup for Main Memory: Max. 72 hours 

Battery Recharge Time: Min. 48 hours l 

READY Contact Output 

3 terminals (NC, NO and C) 

Contact Points open or close during FCU failure 

Contact Rating: 

Rated voltage: 250 V AC, max. 30 V DC 

Rated current: Max. 2 A 

Rated power supply: Max. 125 VA

Module Configuration in FCU

Processor Module (CP471 or CP461): 2 modules for dual-redundant configuration. 

A dual-redundant configuration is enabled by using 2 identical modules with same model code (CP471 or CP461)

Installation Restrictions

To install Optical ESB Bus Node Units (ANB11) or ESB Bus Node Units (ANB10) in a remote location, use the Optical ESB Bus Repeater Master Module (ANT401 or ANT411) to connect them with an optical fiber cable. To install Optical ESB Bus Repeater Master Modules in the FCU, install a pair of modules in slots 1 to 6 from right to left according to the number of branches. In a single configuration, install the individual modules in slots 1, 3, and 5 in order from right to left. For details, see “Optical ESB Bus Repeater Module” (GS 33J60F51-01EN/GS 33J60F52-01EN). For the restrictions and notes for installing I/O modules, see “FIO System Overview” (GS 33J60A10- 01EN).

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