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ABB PGC2000 Process Gas Chromatographs 2002 2005 2007 5007
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ABB PGC2000 Process Gas Chromatographs 2002 2005 2007 5007

Instrument Air Instrument air is used for the purge of the electronics housings, the oven heater and to operate the chromatography valves. Normally instrument air should be oil free with a dew point of -40°C. However, if instrument air is used to supply FID Burner air (see below) via an Air Clean-up Unit, then the Total Hydrocarbons should be less than 100 ppm and Methane less than 10ppm.

Burner Air 

Air to support FID’s may be supplied either by an air clean-up unit or from cylinders. Cylinder air should be of ISA Hydrocarbon Free Grade (Breathing Quality) with hydrocarbon content<1ppm and dew point less than -40°C. In addition, cylinder air may be used for FPD support. Air Clean-up Units are not suitable for use with FPD’s since they convert the hydrocarbons in the air to carbon dioxide and water, which is detrimental to the FPD.

Carrier Gases 

The most commonly used carrier gases are Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Helium. For Flame Photometric Detectors only, Air can be used in specific applications. The required purity of these gases varies with the application; the lower the levels of components being measured, the higher the carrier gas purity necessary. Other factors affect the purity required, for example, Molecular Sieve columns are de-activated by Carbon Dioxide and Water.

Specifications Power: Hot, Neutral, Ground Voltage: 100 VAC (+15, -6 VAC), 120 VAC ± 10%, 230 VAC ± 10% Frequency: 50/60 Hz ± 10% Power consumption: PGC2000 and PGC5000 series: 1200 VA Startup, 900 VA Steady-State Operation PGC2002, PGC2005, PGC2007, PGC5007: 1800 VA Maximum, 1725 VA Typical (Typical, varies with installed options) Instrument Air Supply pressure: PGC2000 and PGC5000 series: 414 kPa (60 psig) minimum PGC2002 or 2005: 552-690 kPa (80-100 psig) PGC2007 and PGC5007: 414 kPa (60 psig) minimum Flow rates: PGC2000, PGC2007, PGC5000, PGC5007: Start-up Purge: 214-242 L/min (7.6-8.6 ft3/min) at 20°C, all purge types Steady State Purge: 127-147 L/min (4.5-5.2 ft3/min) at 20°C, all purge types PGC2002, PGC2005: Start-up Purge: 378 L/min (13.4 ft3/min) Steady State Purge: 310 L/min (11 ft3/min) 628 L/min (22.25 ft3/min) During Vortex Cool-down (If required) A backup, instrument grade air cylinder, Size A1, is required to cool the Temperature Programmed Ov

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