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ABB DCV 700 DC drive systems
Source:honeywell | Author:kongjiang | Published time: 2023-07-20 | 662 Views | Share:

6-/ and 12-pulse DC drive systems in Drive-MNS-cabinets 22 to 5150/10300 A 10 to 4900/9400 kW

The DCV 700 series is a complete range of DC converters intended for the supply and control of DC machines, in stand-alone or multi-drive systems with high performance and reliability specifications.

DCV 700 converters are fully digital and mounted in an enclosure complete with all necessary equipment, meeting the most stringent safety standards. The converter can be used for standard

applications but has the flexibility to be customized for the most demanding applications

Dcv 700-0025-45-D

Dcv 700-0050-45-D

Dcv 700-0075-45-D

Dcv 700-0140-45-D

Dcv 700-0250-45-D

Dcv 7o0-0350-45-D

Dcv 700-0520-45-D

Dcv 700-0700-45-D

Dcv 700-0900-45-D

Dcv 700-1200-45-D

Dcv 700-1200T-45-D

Dcv 7o0-1500-45-D

Dcv 7o0-2000-45-D

Dcv 700-2500-45-D

Dcv 7o0-3300-45-D

Dcv 7o0-4000-45-D*

Dcv 700-5150-45-D*500 v

Dcv 7o0-0025-55-D

Dcv 7o0-0050-55-D

Dcv 7o0-0075-55-D

Dcv 7o0-0140-55-D

Dcv 7o0-0250-55-D

Dcv 700-0350-55-D

Dcv 700-0520-55-D

Dcv 7oo-0700-55-D

Dcv 7o0-0900-55-D

Dcv 700-1200-55-D

Dcv 700-1200T-55-D

Dcv 700-1500-55-D

Dcv 700-2000-55-D

Dcv 7o0-2500-5s-D

Dcv 7o0-3300-55-D

Dcv 700-4000-55-D*

Dcv 700-5150-55-D*

Dcv 700-0050-65-D

Dcv 700-0110-65-D

Dcv 7o0-0270-65-D

Dcv 700-0450-65-D

Dcv 7oo-o900-65-D

Dcv 700-1500-65-D

Dcv 700-2050-65-D

Dcv 7o0-2500-65-D

Dcv 7o0-3300-65-D

Dcv 700-4000-65-D*

Dcv 700-4750-65-D*

Dcv 7o0-o900-75-D

Dcv 700-1500-75-D

Dcv 700-2050-75-D

Dcv 700-2500-75-D

Dcv 700-3300-75-D

Dcv 700-4000-75-D

Dcv 700-4750-75-D*

  • ABB 07BR61R1 GJV3074376R1 I/O Coupler Module
  • ABB 07AC91D GJR5252300R0101 UNIT
  • ABB 0745745Q Control logic board
  • ABB 0745648E Control logic board
  • ABB 0504994880 Controller unit